2019 HAPI Holiday Card

HAPI Holidays!

Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year!

Background information for each photo

Top row, left photo: Kohala Coast, Hawaii Island
Materials for this pavement treatment project provided by SealMasterHawaii

Top row, middle photo: Honolulu International Airport, Oahu
– 2019 HAPI Photo Contest Winner
– See contest results

Top row, right photo: Kolele Road, Lower Campus, UH Moana
– This project was featured in the October 2019 newsletter

Middle row, left photo: HAPI Lunch Meetings
HAPI conducts 3 lunch meetings a year:
January – Scholarship Recipients
July – City’s Lokahi System
October(Hilo) – Balance Mix Design and HDOT Specificatio Update

Middle row, right photo: Saddle Road, Hawaii Island
– The Saddle Road East Side was the featured project in the February 2018 newsletter
– The transformation of the Saddle Road was the feature article in the August 2018 newsletter

Bottom row, left photo: DKI International Airport, Oahu
– Runway 8L improvements

Bottom row, center photo: Pali Momi Street, Aiea, Oahu
– This project was featured in the March 2019 newsletter
(Love the Christmas Tree on the Building)

Bottom row, right photo: HAPI Training Program
Click here for information about our Training Program
Understanding a Job Mix Formula Submittal
Best Practices for Asphalt Pavements
Use of Geosynthetics for Asphalt Pavements
The following were in addition to our training program courses:
Stone Matrix Asphalt Workshops
Airfield Paving Clinic Workshop

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