HAPI Shorts

The HAPI Shorts program is a series of weekly lunch time sessions that you can enjoy in the comfort of your office. Each weekly session will be a 30 to 40-minute presentation followed by questions and answers.

All sessions will be conducted via Zoom. The sessions are FREE but we ask that you registered. A list of session that have been conducted is shown after the list of speakers.

Watch for information about our HAPI Shorts sessions in our monthly newsletter, Facebook page, and website calendar (visit calendar to register).

For HAPI member companies only, if you have 3 or more people interested in a session, HAPI offers to do a special scheduled session for your staff; these would only be for sessions presented by Jon Young. To schedule a session, please contact Jon at 847-4274 or by email at jon@hawaiiasphalt.org

Presenter’s Bios

Follows is a description of the HAPI Shorts sessions:

GPR for In-Place Density

GPR for Pavement Thickness Determination

Intro to Balanced Mix Design

Intro to High Friction Surface Treatments

Intro to Open-Graded Mixes

Intro to Perpetual Pavements

Intro to Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA)

Modified Binders 101

Pavement Distresses

Paving Equipment - Mat Defects

Random Sampling Locations

Smoothness 101

Specifying Asphalt Pavement Mixes

You be the inspector!

Future topics being considered include:
– Design with Construction in Mind
– Use of Recycled Materials
– Pavement Treatments for Hawaii Roads
– Sustainable Pavements
– Traffic Controls

Please send any suggestions you have for topics to Jon M. Young at jon@hawaiiasphalt.org.

Presenter’s bio

Dr. Arudi (Raj) Rajagopal

Brandon Silva

Chris Lubbers

Jarrett Welch

Jon M. Young

Mike Huner

Todd Mansell

2021 Sessions:
– 01/13/21: HAPI Meeting: Meet our 2021 Scholarship Recipients
– 01/06/21: Intro to Perpetual Pavements

2020 Sessions:
– 12/16/20: Intro to Stone Matrix Asphalt
– 12/09/20: GPR for In-Place Density
– 12/02/20: Smoothness 101
– 11/18/20: Intro to Balance Mix Design
– 11/04/20: Paving Equipment – Mat Defects
– 10/28/20: Specifying Asphalt Pavement Mixes
– 10/21/20: Intro to High Surface Friction Treatments
– 10/14/20: Pavement Distresses
– 10/07/20: Intro to Open Graded Mixes
– 09/30/20: You Be the Inspector
– 09/23/20: Intro to Perpetual Pavements
– 09/16/20: Intro to Stone Matrix Asphalt
– 09/09/20: Intro to Balance Mix Design
– 09/08/20: Random Sampling Locations
– 09/02/20: Modified Binders 101
– 08/26/20: Specifying Asphalt Pavement Mixes
– 08/19/20: Intro to Open Graded Mixes
– 08/12/20: Intro to Stone Matrix Asphalt
– 08/05/20: Intro to Balance Mix Design
– 07/29/20: Specifying Asphalt Pavement Mixes
– 07/22/20: Intro to Open Graded Mixes

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