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The Hawaii Asphalt Paving Industry (HAPI) represents asphalt pavement producers and laydown contractors in the State of Hawai'i as well as industries related to pavement preservation. Formed in 1989, HAPI's purpose is to provide engineering promotion and education to advance the continuing use of asphalt pavement and pavement treatments throughout the State of Hawai’i. Learn More


  • 2020 HAPI Photo Contest Results
    2020 HAPI Photo Contest Results
    The Annual HAPI photo contest for our members is over and the results are displayed below. Entries were photos of...
  • UH COE Virtual Career Day
    UH COE Virtual Career Day
    On September 23, the University of Hawaii College of Engineering conducted their first ever virtual Career Day. They reported (click...
  • FHWA rolls out free inspection checklist app
    FHWA rolls out free inspection checklist app
    The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) created the Everyday Counts (EDC) program to promote ready-to-use strategies for the improvement of the...

HAPI Asphalt Pavement Guide

The HAPI Asphalt Pavement Guide is an informational resource on asphalt pavements and pavement treatments. It contains a general overview of all aspects asphalt pavement and pavement treatments, and in-depth information on recommendations and practices for Hawai’i. It is intended to assist those who work with asphalt pavements and pavement treatments, including architects, engineers, contactors, students and homeowners.

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Upcoming Events

11:30 am Smoothness 101 (12/02/20) @ Zoom Presentation
Smoothness 101 (12/02/20) @ Zoom Presentation
Dec 2 @ 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Title: Smoothness 101 Speaker: Brandon Silva, Vice President, Pavement Management Solutions, Inc. Our HDOT has a smoothness specification for construction of new and resurfacing of existing asphalt paved roads. This session is an introduction to smoothness and will cover: – What is pavement smoothness – What affects[...]
11:30 am GPR for In-Place Density (12/09/20) @ Zoom Presentation
GPR for In-Place Density (12/09/20) @ Zoom Presentation
Dec 9 @ 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Title: GPR for In-Place Density Speaker: Dr. Arudi Rajagopal The highway engineering community has been routinely using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for many applications including: mapping type and thickness of pavement layers, detection of subsurface voids and subgrade moisture, deterioration in concrete pavements, rebar corrosion surveys, overlay[...]
11:30 am Intro to Stone Matrix Asphalt (1... @ Zoom Presentation
Intro to Stone Matrix Asphalt (1... @ Zoom Presentation
Dec 16 @ 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Title: Intro to Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) Speakers: Jon M. Young, Hawaii Asphalt Paving Industry This session will introduce Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA). SMA is a gap-graded hot mix asphalt (HMA) originally developed in Europe to maximize rutting resistance and durability. The mix design goal is to create stone-on-stone[...]

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Asphalt Pavement Guide

An interactive guide to everything about asphalt pavements and pavement treatments including local Hawai’i guidance, procedures and designs.
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