Visitors from China

On March 11, I was pleasantly surprised to have visitors from the ZHONGDA ROAD&BRIDGE GROUP located in Harbin, China.  Harbin is the capital and largest city of Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China, as well as the tenth most populated city in the People’s Republic of China.  They arrived at my office and we chatted about our asphalt industry in Hawaii.

On March 15, the group took a tour of the Kalaeloa Asphalt Terminal, hosted by Dick Levins (president of Asphalt Hawaii) and of the Grace Pacific’s Kalaeloa Asphalt Plant, hosted by Scott Komatsu (manager of asphalt plants for Grace Pacific).  We learned that asphalt binder prices are about the same as in China, that a majority of the plants in China are batch plants, and that there is about a 60-degree centigrade (140-degree fahrenheit) temperature range in the Heilongjiang Province.

We enjoyed meeting our new friends from China.  They enjoyed their tour of our member’s facilities and were appreciative of their time.

Our visitors:

(L-r, Feng, Xu, Young, Huiyue)

Yanqing XU, CEO of our ZHONGDA Group (second from the left)

Mu (Henry) HUIYUE , vice managing director (first on the right)

Chunli BAI, technician in charge of technology for production equipment (not pictured)

Qing ZHAO, technician in charge of production process and translator (not pictured)

Wanqiu (Mia) FENG, translator (first on the left)

Also in the photograph is HAPI’s Executive Direct Jon Young (second from the right)


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