University of Hawaii Career Fair – Spring 2022

The University of Hawaii (UH) College of Engineering (COE) Career Fair – Spring 2022 was held on February 24th at the Campus Center.

HAPI was there to spread the word about career opportunities in our industry (see flyer at the very end). The flyer shows the various career paths and the logo of our Hawaii based members within each category.

To attract student to our table we have a game that offered a chance to win a $25 gift card. A question was randomly picked from a pool of ten questions. If the student answer it correctly, they were entered into a drawing for the gift card.

Interesting, a student whose father works for the Hawaii Department of Transportation, had the following question to answer:

The Hawaii Department of Transportation manages about how many miles of paved roads in Hawaii?
– 550
– 1780
– 2430
– 4170

Click here for the actual quiz question and answer (note, the contest for the gift card is over 🙂 )

Several HAPI members also participated (see photos below):

  • Austin, Tsutsumi & Associates, Inc.
  • Bowers + Kubota Consulting
  • Community Planning and Engineering
  • G70
  • Gray, Hong, Nojima & Assoc.
  • Hawthorne Pacific Corp
  • R. M. Towill Corporation
  • The Limtiaco Consulting Group
  • Wesley R. Segawa and Associates, Inc.
  • Yogi Kwong Engineers


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