New HAPI Member – Arkema-Road Science

Please welcome new associate member Arkema-Road Science.

Arkema-Road Science is a leading chemicals technology provider of asphalt additives, bitumen emulsifiers and pavement technologies for the global paving market. Their innovative solutions span the entire value chain from formulating and producing key chemical components for asphalt refineries, terminals, emulsion plants and asphalt mix plants, to providing field engineering support of pavement preservation and maintenance applications such as micro-surfacing, in-situ recycling and base stabilization.

Unlike other suppliers, Arkema-Road Science professionals work collaboratively between their world-class American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) accredited laboratory in Tulsa, Oklahoma and their Rhône-Alps Research Center in Lyon, France, to provide expertise and support at every step in the production and construction process including:

  • Specialized chemistry synthesis and formulation for a full portfolio of asphalt additives (adhesion promotors, warm mix additives, odor suppressants) and emulsifiers (cationic and anionic)
  • Emulsion production and testing support
  • Hot / warm / cold mix preparation and performance testing
  • Asphalt pavement recycling and mix design
  • Micro-surfacing and slurry seal mix design and testing
  • Field support during application.
  • Arkema-Road Science chemistries help pavements last longer, improving life cycle cost and stretching agency funding to keep the people, goods and services that drive economies moving. Visit and to learn more.

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    Hawaii Asphalt Paving Industry
    1287 Kalani Street, Suite 202
    Honolulu, HI 96817
    Tel: 808.847.HAPI (4274)
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