HAPI Lunch Meeting – January 2020

Our lunch meeting held on January 11th, was a great way to kick-off the new year.  Members and invited guest (see list below) had the chance to catch-up with each other, learn about the Women of Asphalt, learn about International Women’s Day, and meet our 2019 scholarship recipients. See photos below from the meeting.

Our executive director Jon Young got the program started with an introduction to the Women of Asphalt (WofA), a 2-year old association with over 7,000 member nation-wide. In 2020, the WofA’s goal is to develop branches in several states; Hawaii will be included in the first group of branches to be formed.

Nikki Luong from Austin, Tsutsumi & Associates, Inc. has agreed to lead the effort. Interested women sat together at the lunch meeting to discuss how to go forward with the branch (see photos below). Nikki will also be meeting with several of the founding members of the WofA at the SAPA lunch meeting in Wailea, Maui on January 31.

Amanda Canada from Trade Publishing and a member of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) informed the meeting attendees about the International Women’s Day event on March 8, in collaboration with Women in Construction Week, March 2-8.

The event is tentatively planned for Windward Mall from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In addition to NAWIC, the following organizations may also be participating:

  • Women of Asphalt
  • Society of Women Engineers
  • American Society of Safety Professionals
  • Organization of Women Leaders
  • Women in Lodging and Tourism

The final segment of the program was a presentation from each of the 4 scholarship recipients (see photos below). Each scholarship recipient introduced themselves to the members by giving a brief account of the reason for applying for our scholarship and their thoughts on their career path.

Click here to learn more about each of our four 2020 recipients.

Following his lunch meeting tradition, Jon presented Stanley Katsura (DDC) with his appreciation gift to the members and industry partners.  This meeting’s appreciation gift was a blue tooth mini speaker.

There were a lot of new faces at the meeting. We hope they will be able to join us at our next meeting on July 17, 2020.

Invited guests:

City and County of Honolulu, Department of Design and Construction
– Clifford Lau
– Luo Kuo
– Robert Sarae
– Stanley Katsura

City and County of Honolulu, Department of Facility Maintenance
– Ed Manglallan
– Kyle Oyasato
– Lan Yoneda
– Roger Dona
– Tyler Sugihara

Retired HAPI Member
– Randy Matsumoto

Trade Publishing
– Amanda Canada
– Barry Redmayne

Scholarship Recipients
– Connor Kagamida
– Danae Dunn
– Debbi Sakai

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