Congratulations to Joseph Shacat!

Last week, Joseph Shacat joined NAPA as Director of Sustainable Pavements, hailing from Grace Pacific LLC, a Honolulu-based asphalt paving and construction materials company. As the Environmental Compliance Manager there for nine years, he advocated for environmental performance through cooperation with government agencies and active engagement with industry associations.Director of Sustainable Pavements.

As NAPA’s Director of Sustainable Pavements, Joseph will lead the development and execution of NAPA’s national strategic initiatives that promote the sustainable attributes of asphalt pavements and inform NAPA membership of sustainable economic, environmental, and engineering practices that enhance industry performance. As Director of Sustainable Pavements, Joseph will identify and develop programs that will assist the NAPA membership in meeting the technical challenges and demands of the future while ensuring and promoting the sustainability and resiliency of asphalt pavements. This includes leading the NAPA-SAPA joint task group on life-cycle assessment and NAPA’s Sustainable Committee. Joseph will work closely with NAPA’s Vice President – Environment, Health, and Safety and Director of Pavement Engineering and Innovation on the environmental and societal impact of asphalt pavements.


Joseph attended Miami University (Ohio), where he majored in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in philosophy and environmental science. He subsequently moved to Hawai‘i, where he earned an MS degree in Oceanography and an Executive MBA from the University of Hawai‘i. While studying and working in academia, his research efforts included trace metal geochemistry in Antarctic lakes and the northwest Pacific Ocean, design and engineering of a cabled ocean observing system, and business strategy for an organic Kona coffee farm.

Within the construction industry, Joseph held the position of Environmental Compliance Manager for Grace Pacific LLC, an asphalt paving and construction materials company based in Honolulu, for nine years. Joseph has advocated for improving environmental performance in the construction industry through cooperation with government agencies and active engagement with industry associations, such as the Associated General Contractors of America, the National Asphalt Pavement Association, and the General Contractors Association of Hawai‘i. Joseph has served on numerous boards and leadership positions in both a professional and personal capacity, including the State of Hawai‘i Environmental Council, Honolulu Clean Cities, the Hawai‘i Yacht Racing Association, and the Waikīkī Yacht Club.


Jon Young, our executive director is a member of the NAPA sustainability committeee.  He is looking forward to working with Joseph in his new job.

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