2022 Best Practices Workshops

In late April, HAPI conducted several Best Practices for Asphalt Pavements in-person workshops on Oahu and Maui. Due to the COVID situation, we were unable to conduct the workshops in 2020 and 2021. The 4 days of workshops were attended by about 100 people from government agencies and consultants.  See photos below.

The instructor for all of the workers was Jarrett Welch from Quality Paving Consultants. Jarrett helped develop the workshop and this is his sixth time conducting it. Our executive director Jon Young was also at the workshops to respond to questions asked about local specifications and practices.

For the all-day best practices workshop, the attendees were provided a basic understanding of materials, production, placement and compaction operation that combine to produce a quality asphalt pavement.

For the 3-hour next level workshop, videos are played of paving in progress and viewed by the attendees as if they were the inspector. The content of each video shown is discussed by the group.

Welch had just completed a 4-day training with the staff from the County of Hawaii paving crews. During the next level workshop he showed videos from their paving operations and shared some of the lessons learned. The County of Maui also has a paving crew and probably found this discussion of interest.

The following are things that people remembered the most about the workshops:

April 25 – Best Practice Workshop
– The different aspects of asphalt. Did not realize the complexities of pavement.
– The good learning material and knowledge from the instructor.
– Compaction & different types of equipment, asphalt plant operation of asphalt.
– Questions asked and answers provided. Good mix of attendees was asked relevant questions.
– Best Management Practices in Asphalt Pavements and Binder Nomenclature.

April 26 – Next Level Workshop
– Learning from examples of mistakes and future problems
– The instructor’s knowledge.
– How to identify issues in paving activities.
– The videos and that explanation of videos were easy to understand.
– Videos of local work by the County of Hawaii (Hilo)

April 27 – Best Practice Workshop
– How important compaction is.
– The video tour of an asphalt production facility.
– The instructor says the same things I say every day to the crew.
– Very knowledgeable instructor, very clear with everything.
– Pop quiz questions with colored tickets and prizes.
– Material to comply with environmental changes.
– Good info on all aspects of pavement construction

April 28 – Next Level Workshop
– Good videos of real applications.
– Seeing videos from Big Island were interesting to see.
– Everything!
– The expertise pertaining to different situations.
– The great information provided.

A majority of the attendees said that they would definitely recommend this workshop to a colleague, while the others said they would probably recommend the workshop.

Thanks to LTAP for sponsoring government agency employees. We hope to do these workshops again next April.

Best Practices All-Day workshop at Pearl Country Club

Next Level Workshop at the HAPI Office

Best Practices All-Day workshop at the Cameron Center

Next Level Workshop at the Cameron Center

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