2021 SAPA Summer Meeting

The Annual SAPA Summer Meeting was held in Oklahoma City during the first week in August. It was our group’s first in-person meeting since January 2020. It was great to see my fellow state executives and staff from NAPA, NCAT, and the Asphalt Institute.

The business meeting covered typical topics such as financial reports, handbook updates, discussion of policy, and other topics of interest such NAPA’s Climate Leadership & Sustainability Task Force. SAPA officers for 2022 will be: Kevin Monaco (NJ), Chair; Reed Ryan (UT), Vice Chair; Brandon Strand (WI), Secretary; John Hickey (OR), Treasurer.

NAPA Update: Jay Winford (Chairperson) shared a brief introduction and welcome to the SAPA Summer Meeting attendees. Jay Hansen with NAPA offered a fluid and up-to-date briefing on the current status of pending infrastructure legislation in Congress. NAPA staff led SAPA executives on an exchange of ideas surrounding APA awards and sustainability.

AI Update: Danny Gierhart with AI presented on a successful MAPS conference and outcomes with TXAPA. The Managing Asphalt Pavements (MAPS) Conference features a showcase of the latest leading-edge equipment, new technology, and services to optimize your asphalt paving projects from top-tier suppliers and vendors.

NCAT Update: Buzz Powell with NCAT shared a presentation regarding the latest takeaways from the 7th Cycle of Test Track at NCAT.

The annual meeting was also an opportunity for the first in-person SAPA Administrative Professionals Working Group (SAPWG) Meeting. There were six attendees at the meeting this morning. Attendees discussed governance, fundraising, non-dues revenue, billing practices, newsletters, and other challenges and opportunities.

In addition to the business meetings, we had are tradition Sunday dinner at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum and Monday dinner at the Vast, which is at the top of the tallest building in OKC.

As always the spouses/guests enjoyed themselves during a day trip to the Pioneer Woman Mercantile on Monday and a morning visit to the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum on Tuesday. The memorial is in the location of the April 19, 1995 truck bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

The SAPA are looking forward to next year’s meeting that is being hosted by New York and New Jersey.

Sunday Dinner at National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

SAPA Business Meeting

Guest Presenters

NAPA/SAPA – Partner Group Exercise

Monday Dinner at the Vast

Spouse Activity: Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Spouse Activity: Oklahoma City National Memorial

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