2020 Construction Preview Issue – HAPI’s Outlook

HAPI shared our outlook for the paving industry in the 2020 Construction Preview Issue of Building Industry Magazine. This annual special issue is a comprehensive look at Hawaii’s public and private construction markets.

For 2020, we would like to introduce Hawaii to Balanced Mix Design (BMD). BMD is an enhanced approach to designing asphalt paving mixtures to achieve a satisfactory balance between rutting resistance and crack resistance. It promises to result in longer lasting asphalt pavements. Click here for our article that recaps of the 1-day BMD workshop in Utah that both HAPI and the HDOT attended.

NCAT’s BMD Workshops

NCAT’s Randy West at the workshop in Taylorsville, UT.

In 2019, NCAT Director and Research Professor Dr. Randy West and NCAT Assistant Research Professor Dr. Fan Yin conducted a series of balanced mix design (BMD) workshops to encourage state highway agencies and asphalt contractors to move forward with BMD implementation.

Overall, the six workshops were a great success, with a total of 261 attendees. Approximately 44 percent of the attendees were asphalt contractors, 35 percent were from federal, state, and local highway agencies; 18 percent were asphalt associations, materials suppliers, testing laboratories, and consultants, and 3 percent were academics and researchers.

Click here for a list of questions and answers sparked by dynamic discussions during the workshops.

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