2018 SAPA Summer Meeting in St. Louis, MO

In early August, the 2018 SAPA summer meeting took place at the city of the St. Louis Cardinals – St. Louis, MO.

The meeting started with reports from the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) and the Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA). NAPA reported on several subjects including updates on Go To Market (GTM) campaign, the legislative committee, and the Pavement Economics Committee (PEC).  The APA led a discussion of the deployment checklist and the idea of a tool kit roll out calendar.

Officers for the upcoming year are:  Kevin Monaco (New Jersey) to serve as Treasurer; Bruce Barkevich (New York) to serve as Secretary, Larry Patrick (Oklahoma) as Vice Chair, and Ashley Batson (South Carolina) as Chair. In addition, Jon Young (Hawaii) will continue to serve as bookkeeper.

There was a round table discussion about the following topics:
• What work force development activities/efforts are done in your state?
• What is one success story in your state on how a PEC or GTM deployment effort produced a major win for the industry?
• How do you interact with your NAPA state director and could that be improved?

The highlight of the meeting was a presentation by Bill Knopf (Indiana) about their work force development efforts and their relationship with the Future Farmers of America.  They had developed a 6 page handout, which HAPI has adopted and modified for use at career fairs in Hawaii.

While the executives were meeting, the spouses spent time together.  On day 1, they took Gateway Arch Walking Tour and had lunch together. The day 2 activity was a visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden, which including lunch.

We look forward to next year’s meeting in South Carolina!

Photos from the various activities:


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