“How to Maximize the Life of Asphalt Concrete Pavements” Seminars

HAPI members Tensar Corporation and Geotech Solutions, Inc. recent conducted two seminars.  The first seminar was held on June 3 at the DOT Kauai District conference room.  It was attended by staff from DOT, DPW and private consultants.   The second seminar was held on June 5 at the Interisland Conference Center at Honolulu International Airport and attended by about 40 people.  This seminar was customized to address the DOT Airport and their consultants.  Representatives from the City’s Department of Design and Construction and NAVFAC were also in attendance.

Both seminars cover the following topics:

Topic #1: Reconstruction/New Construction covered subgrade improvement, pavement optimization, life extension (cost neutral), structural section reduction (cost savings), and benefits including increased life, decreased cost, increased speed of construction, and reduced carbon foot print.

Topic #2: Rehabilitation discussed overlay design, reinforcing interlayer, waterproofing interlayer, and benefits including increased structural life and decreased life-cycle cost.

Topic #3: Drainage covered horizontal drainage design, horizontal geosynthetic drainage layer, and benefits including constructability, thickness reduction, life extension, and crack mitigation.



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