HAPI Training – Geosynthetics workshops by Tensar and Geotech Solutions

HAPI members Tensar International and Corporation and Geotech Solutions, Inc. conducted a Use of Geosynthetics for Asphalt Pavements Workshop on the Maui and Oahu. The two presenters from Tensar International Corporation were Lars Nelson, Pacific Regional Manager, and Nicholas Reck, Director of Technology. They discussed how to get the most use out of Geosynthetics in your asphalt concrete pavements through design and construction.

Attendees from the consultants and government agencies learned about Geosynthetics and the potential economic benefits and had the opportunity to design and cost improvements using handouts provided by Tensar.

The highlight of their workshop was a hands-on demonstration of using Geogrid to stabilize a base. Ten tennis balls were stacked in a pyramid; when pressure was applied to the top, the pyramid collapsed. The pyramid was then setup within at wooden triangle, which simulates an individual triangle of the Geogrid. This time when pressure was applied to the top, the pyramid stayed in place.

What are some of the things attendees remembered most about the workshops?
– Instructors seem to be very knowledgeable w/ lots of real world experience.
– Geogrid (confinement, reinforcement) vs. Geotextile (separation); Functional vs. Structural Distress; Clear explanation of products uses and capabilities.
– The hands on participation demonstrations (tennis balls) and quizzes were unique and help the attendees understand the information provided.
– Cost savings and service life.
– Good handouts for estimating material quantities and costs.
– The advantages of using the various products and the design consideration in specifying these products.

Click here for a list of attendees at the 6/28 workshop on Oahu.
Click here for a list of attendees at the 6/30 workshop on Maui.

Photos from the Oahu Workshop

Photos from the Maui Workshop

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