HAPI Lunch Meeting – January 2023

About thirty-five members and invited guests attended our lunch meeting on January 20 at the Pearl Country Club.  The meeting was a family affair for our two scholarship recipients and our Hall of Fame inductee.

The program began with our executive director Jon Young giving out his appreciation gift. Donohue Fujii, from HAPI member Austin, Tsutsumi & Associates, Inc. was the recipient of a cup from the Battleship Intrepid Museum in New York City.

Next, we got to meet our 2023 HAPI Scholarship Recipients.  Both gave inspiring speeches about their background and why they chose to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering.

Donovan Fujii is a sophomore at the University of Hawaii. He is the son of Donohue Fujii from HAPI member Austin, Tsutsumi & Associates, Inc. Donohue attended along with his mother and daughter.

Mackelan Dax Mitchell is also a sophomore at the University of Hawaii. His father Nick Mitchell from HAPI member Geolabs, Inc.’s Maui office was in attendance.

The meeting concluded with the recognition of our 2023 HAPI Hall of Fame Inductee, Steve Muench. Steve gave an entertaining account of how he got to be an engineer.  From his childhood days in Kailua, wearing “long pants,” to his time in the Navy, stationed at Pearl Harbor.  He shared that he had the opportunity to design a drainage detention basin in the shape of the swimming pool at his parents’ home in Kailua.

Steve lives in Seattle, Washington. We were delighted that he was able to join us along with his parents.

Everyone had a wonderful time!

Photos – Social Time and Lunch

Donovan Fujii – Scholarship Recipient

Mackelan Dax Mitchell – Scholarship Recipient

Steve Muench – Hall of Fame Inductee

Appreciation Gift

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