City’s Stormwater Quality BMPs Workshops – Dave Gent

HAPI’s counterpart David Gent, executive director of the Washington Asphalt Pavement Association was a presenter at the City’s July 2019 Stormwater Quality BMPs Workshops.  HAPI arranged for him to be a presenter to share his knowledge and experience with porous asphalt pavement in Washington State.

He did two back-to -back presentations as follows:

His first presentation discussed “PAVEXpress as a design tool for porous asphalt pavement sections.” Gent discussed the Porous Pavement Design module’s underlying structural adaptation for use with AASHTO 93 equations and it will give an overview of the various design considerations given that the pavement support structure is largely dependent on the depth of the retention/ recharge bed crushed layer. The relatively “deep” retention/ recharge bed (typically 1 foot deep or greater due to the site hydraulics) is taken into account in the design system to account for its critical role as part of the pavement structure.

His second presentation covered “Construction and Maintenance of Porous Asphalt Pavements.” This presentation will highlight the differences between standard asphalt pavements and porous asphalt paving systems. From considerations of the proper mix design and pavement structural design through construction and placement of the porous asphalt system, there are simple but important variations from standard paving practices that need to be recognized for success.

The presentation also addressed the localized superficial marring often associated with new porous asphalt pavements, best practices for maintaining the porous pavement and recent encouraging research about the recyclable/ rejuvenating nature of porous asphalt, which makes it a uniquely renewable system.

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