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Each month HAPI distributes a newsletter via email. Our executive director provides HAPI updates and industry news to keep you apprised of new developments. Each issue features a project by one of our members, with a brief insight into their company, as well as a calendar of upcoming local and national events. Occasionally, a technical bulletin, related to the featured project will also be included at the end of the newsletter.

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Executive Director Message: Career Days, HAPI 2017 Photo Contest; Past Issues
Featured Article: Porous Asphalt
Pavement Guide: Three Mix Types
Asphalt Video: Porous Asphalt
Asphalt Fact: #114: The Pringle Creek community in Oregon uses porous asphalt streets

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NAPA Annual MeetingFebruary 2016

2016 ImageJanuary 2016

Slurry SealDecember 2015

SustainabilityNovember 2015

Roadtec MTVOctober 2015

Kalanianaole HighwaySeptember 2015

Bob HumerAugust 2015

Paving under deckJuly 2015

Pressure Washing LotJune 2015

Pressure Washing LotMay 2015

Jon Young SpeakingApril 2015

Jay HansenMarch 2015

Mike CoteFebruary 2015

2015 ImageJanuary 2015

Professor A. Ricardo Archilla explaining the research projectDecember 2014

DSC03223November 2014

IMG_2910 HAPI MS-22 9-16-14October 2014

Engineer at workSeptember 2014

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August 2013

Executive Director Message:
HAPI’s website award, and HAPI officers for fiscal year 2013-14
Featured Project: Alexander Field Synthetic Turf and Field Event Improvments, Punahou School, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Featured HAPI Member: Grace Pacific Corporation
Asphalt Fact: #109 Porous asphalt use for land development.

July 2013

Executive Director Message: Asphalt Institute training in Honolulu
New HAPI members: Geotech Solutions, HDR Engineering Inc. and Top Quality Paving
Featured Article: A look back at the past two years
Asphalt Fact:  #70 Asphalt pavements provide a smooth, quiet, skid-resistant ride surface.

June 2013
Executive Director Message: A&B acquires Grace Pacific; HAPI’s Facebook page; and ISSA on-line training series
Featured Project: Library and Learning Center’s  Fire Lane and Pedestrian Colonnade Mall, Windward Community College, Kanehoe, Oahu, Hawaii
Featured HAPI Member: StreetBond
Asphalt Fact:  #27 Instruments buried in pavements all over the country are showing that Perpetual Pavements perform as designed.

May 2013

Executive Director Message: Road Repair Status Reports, upcoming training by AI, Earth Day, and building successful parking lots
Featured Project:
Environmental Permitting Associated with Asphalt Plants
Featured HAPI Member: 
Environmental Science International
Asphalt Fact:  #28 Rough roads wear out tires faster than smooth roads.
Technical Bulletin:  Environmental Permitting Associated with Asphalt Plants

April 2013

Executive Director Message: Reports from the recently National Asphalt Pavement Association annual meeting and World of Asphalt Show and Conference
Asphalt Fact:  #20 A smooth pavement maximizes tire contact, providing more traction.

March 2013

Executive Director Message: “HAPI News” is the place to go for an article or newscast about our industry.
Featured Projects:
Repair Road C, at the Kaena Point Satellite Tracking Station
Featured HAPI Member:
Jas. W. Glover, Ltd.
Asphalt Fact:  #40 Did you ever notice that 99% of the automobile commercials are shot on asphalt?

February 2013

Executive Director Message: New Asphalt Facts monthly item, new member Environmental Science International, Tesoro end membership in HAPI, supply of asphalt binder
Featured Projects:
Island-wide Road Resurfacing-Kauai and Kokee Road Resurfacing
Featured HAPI Member: 
Grace Pacific Corporation
Asphalt Fact:  #17 The asphalt industry is the country’s number one recycler.

January 2013

Executive Director Message: New Asphalt Facts website, Mayor Caldwell fixing potholes, and the PG Performance Grading  System article in the LTAP quarterly newsletter
Featured Project: 
Runway and Taxiway Pavement Preservation Program
Featured HAPI Members: 
Goldwings Supply Service, Inc. and Crafco, Inc.

December 2012

Executive Director Message: Our December newsletter presents our updated website, which improves our ability to fulfill our mission of providing engineering promotion and education.

Hauoli Street and Classroom BuildingNovember 2012

Executive Director Message: LTAP newsletter article; National Pavement Preservation Conference presentations; NCAT WMA Webinars; HAPI story in Asphalt Pavement magazine
New HAPI Members: Road and Highway Builders and StreetBond
Featured Project: 
Rehabilitation of Localized Streets, Phase 6A
Featured HAPI Member: 
Grace Pacific Corporation

Thin Lift Pavement - Nashville TNOctober 2012

Executive Director Message: It’s been just over a year since I started as the executive director of HAPI.  This issue takes a look back at what we have done and also shares with you what we are working on.

Schofield Road PavingSeptember 2012

Executive Director Message: Warm Mix Asphalt seminar by FHWA; National Pavement Preservation Conference report; HAPI Officers
Featured Project: 
Repave South Avenue
Featured HAPI Member: 
Road Builders Corporation

National Parks Road - Big IslandAugust 2012

Executive Director Message: HAPI member meeting; Open-graded pavement
Featured Project: 
Pavement Preservation for Roads in Hawai’i National Parks
Featured HAPI Member: SSFM International

Crack Filling by the MayorJuly 2012

Executive Director Message: WMA and RAP
Featured Project: 
Pavement Preservation Treatment Demonstration by the City and County of Honolulu and HAPI

Kalaeloa Asphalt TerminalJune 2012

Executive Director Message: ASCE Steve Fong Golf Tournament
New HAPI Member: C J Peterson Inc.
Featured Project:
Kalaeloa Asphalt Terminal
Featured HAPI Member: 
Asphalt Hawaii

Kapolei PV Field Seal CoatMay 2012

Executive Director Message: HAPI/LTAP seminars; LTAP newsletter article
Featured Project: 
Kapolei Reseal
Featured HAPI Member: 
Seal Pro’s Hawaii

April 2012

Executive Director Message: HAPI/LTAP Seminars
New HAPI Member: Crafco
Featured Project: 
Localized Rehabilitation of Streets, Phase 3
Featured HAPI Member: 

March 2012

Executive Director Message: HAPI Membership Meeting; HAPI presentation to the APWA; Shorter links to additional internet resources
Featured Project: Waena Apartments Pavement Preservation
Featured HAPI Member: DC Asphalt Services, Inc.

February 2012

Executive Director Message: HAPI Membership Meeting
Featured Project: Kaumalapau Highway Pavement Preventive Maintenance
Featured HAPI Member: JM Paving Services, LLC

January 2012

Executive Director Message: Updated NAPA Logo
Featured Project: Nimitz Highway and Ala Moana Boulevard Resurfacing Replacement
Featured HAPI Member: Grace Pacific Corporation

December 2011

Executive Director Message: Initial release of updated newsletter
Featured Project: Rehabilitation of Streets – IDIQ#3, various locations
Featured HAPI Member: Alakona Corp.

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