HAPI Lunch Meeting – January 2018

We were honored to have Tyler Sugihara, Chief, Division of Road Maintenance, Department of Facility Maintenance, City and County of Honolulu as our guest speaker.

Attendees at our January lunch meeting learned about the City’s pavement management.  Sugihara’s presentation covered the following topics:
– Definition of Pavement Management and Pavement Management Systems
– Explained Pavement Condition Index (PCI) factors – rating a road from 100-0
– Showed examples of roads rated at different PCI values
– Provided factors impacting degradation
– Gave the City’s accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2017
– Showed photos of the various pavement treatments used by the City
– Described the City’s Asset Management System (MicroPAVER)

Tyler was joined by our other guests from the City and County of Honolulu:
– Ross Sasamura, DFM
– Kyle Oyasato, DFM
– Raoul Self, DFM
– Roger Dona, DFM

Other Guests Included:
– Lisa Powell, FAA
– Casey Abe, HDOT Highways
– Herbert Chu, HDOT Highways
– Kwok Ng, HDOT Highways
– Greg Garcia, HDOT Airports
– Eddie Chiu, HDOT Airports
– Lane Kawaoka, HDOT Airports
– Owen Miyamoto, Honolulu Community College
– Ricardo Archilla, University of Hawaii- Lisa Powell, FAA



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