HAPI Lunch Meeting in Hilo – October 2019

The first ever HAPI lunch meeting on Big Island was held on October 25th at the Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii in Hilo.  Over 20 HAPI members and guest got together to relax and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Our executive director Jon Young welcomed everyone to the meeting. He explained the HAPI is a state organization and makes every effort to visit the neighbor islands. Towards this goal HAPI plans to have a neighbor island lunch meeting each year rotating between Maui (2018), Big Island, and Kauai.

Following his lunch meeting tradition, our executive director Jon Young presented Casey Song (WRSA) with his appreciation gift to the members and industry partners.  The recipient of the gift is from a drawing.

Jon was also the guest speaker and presented two topics: 1) Balanced Mix Design and 2) Updates to the HDOT standard specifications.

Balanced Mix Design (BMD) is gaining momentum on the mainland. BMD is an enhanced approach to designing asphalt paving mixtures to achieve a satisfactory balance between rutting resistance and crack resistance.  It promises to result in longer lasting asphalt pavements.

HDOT Hwy-L and HAPI are working collaboratively to update the HDOT standard specifications. The current focus is on Section 401 – Dense Graded Hot Mix Asphalt. Major changes include:

– Use of a modified binder in all surface courses
– A longitudinal joint spec
– Use of a Joint Adhesive

Everyone had an great time! HAPI hopes we can do this again in 2022.

Invited guests:

Hawaii Department of Transportation, Hawaii District Office, Highways Division
– Julann Sonomura

County of Hawaii, Department of Public Works
– Ben Ishii
– Keoni Thompson
– Kerwyn Tokeshi
– Neil Azevedo

Friend of HAPI
– Aaron Stene

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