HAPI Holiday Cards

In 2011, HAPI began sending an annual holiday card. The card is always a photo collage of our industry happenings featuring our members.

The card has evolved over the years. It started out simply as a collage of industry photos. In 2016, the photos reflected projects done during the year, which were identified on the back of the card. We also launched our annual photo contest for members in 2016; the winning photo is included in the collage.

In addition to identifying the project, in 2018, we also provided the story behind the photo. That information can be found our HAPI News posts about the card. Please see below for the links to all of our holiday cards.


Our holiday card is distributed via email to everyone on our newsletter mailing distribution list. A photo card is sent to our members, including their branch offices. A photo card is also sent to:

  • Industry associations such as NAPA, NCAT, the Asphalt Institute, etc.
  • Consultants and companies that provide us services
  • Facilities where we have conducted HAPI events
  • Friends of HAPI

Please visit the following links to view our holiday cards:

– 2011 Card: http://hawaiiasphalt.org/2011-hapi-holiday-card/
– 2012 Card: http://hawaiiasphalt.org/2012-hapi-holiday-card/
– 2013 Card: http://hawaiiasphalt.org/2013-hapi-holiday-card/
– 2014 Card: http://hawaiiasphalt.org/2014-hapi-holiday-card/
– 2015 Card: http://hawaiiasphalt.org/2015-hapi-holiday-card/
– 2016 Card: http://hawaiiasphalt.org/2016-hapi-holiday-card/
– 2017 Card: http://hawaiiasphalt.org/2017-hapi-holiday-card/
– 2018 Card: http://hawaiiasphalt.org/2018-hapi-holiday-card/
– 2019 Card: http://hawaiiasphalt.org/2019-hapi-holiday-card/
– 2020 Card: http://hawaiiasphalt.org/2020-hapi-holiday-card/
– 2021 Card: http://hawaiiasphalt.org/2021-hapi-holiday-card/
– 2022 Card: http://hawaiiasphalt.org/2022-hapi-holiday-card/
– 2023 Card: http://hawaiiasphalt.org/2023-hapi-holiday-card/

HAPI Holidays Cards

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