Compilation: Mayor Caldwell’s Proposed Gas Tax Increase

City and County of Honolulu Mayor Caldwell is proposing a 5-cent increase in the gas tax that would raise about $15 million annually.   The Caldwell administration said the money will generate an additional $15 million that will be used to help pay for road repaving and a restoration of bus routes that were cut last year.  The link to stories and editorials about the proposed increase are listed below:

Caldwell proposes fuel tax hike (3/1 Honolulu StarAdvertiser)

Mayor Caldwell proposes gas tax increase (3/1 KHON2)

Roads, bus routes, sewer improvements, parks top Caldwell’s list (3/1 KITV4)

Oahu motorists react to proposed gas tax hike (3/1 KITV4)

Mayor Caldwell proposes gas tax hike to help improve roads, bus service (3/1 Hawaii News Now)

Want Nice Roads? Honolulu Mayor Wants You To Pay More At The Pump (3/1 Honolulu Civil Beat)

Oh, he’ll fix the roads … but it’s going to cost you (3/6 Honolulu StarAdvertiser – subscription required)

5-cent gas tax hike adds to heavy burden (3/7 Honolulu StarAdvertiser – subscription required)

Time to hike city’s vehicle fuel tax – Letter to the Editor (3/7 Honolulu StarAdvertiser – subscription required)

Fuel tax hike is investment in the future (3/10 Honolulu StarAdvertiser – subscription requried)

Mayor pushes gas tax hike, pegs average cost at $21.45 a year (3/15 Honolulu StarAdvistiser – subscription required)

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