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Construction Engineer Internship - Jas. W. Glover, Ltd.

Tech 1 (Waipahu) - Hawthorne Cat

Engineering Intern (Waipahu) - Hawthorne Cat

Tech 1 (Waipahu) - Hawthorne Cat

Tech Trainee 2 (Maui) - Hawthorne Cat

Tech 3 (Maui) - Hawthorne Cat

Tech A (Maui) - Hawthorne Cat

Tech 2 (Maui) - Hawthorne Cat

Tech 1 (Lana’i) - Hawthorne Cat

PDR Specialist (Kaua’i) - Hawthorne Cat

Tech 2 (Kaua’i) - Hawthorne Cat

Construction Claims Specialist, Kirschner Contractors

Full Time Civil Engineer (0-5 years)-Honolulu, HI; Orion Engineers & Associates

Sr. Civil Engineer/Project Engineer, Full Time-Honolulu, HI; Orion Engineers & Associates

Construction Manager-DOE, Bowers + Kubota Consulting

Heavy Equipment Shop Technician / Mechanic - Kapolei, Pape Machinery

Engineering Positions, Austin Tsutsumi & Associates, Inc.

Transportation/Traffic Positions, Austin Tsutsumi & Associates, Inc.

Project Manager - Oahu (Full Time), Bowers + Kubota Consulting

Civil Design Engineer, The Limtiaco Consulting Group

Scheduler (Entry Level), Kirschner Contractors

Senior Scheduler, Kirschner Contractors

Project Engineer/Project Controls, Kirschner Contractors

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