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Our members provide a wide variety of services including supplying asphalt binder and asphalt concrete; asphalt paving; cracking, filling and sealing; fog seal, seal coat and slurry seal; and traffic signs and pavement markings. Our photo gallery displays our members’ services.


Asphalt Terminal and Plants

Photographs of our Kalaeloa Asphalt Terminal and our members’ plants throughout the islands.


Asphalt Pavements

Photographs of asphalt pavement projects at various locations throughout the state.  Asphalt pavement is used for roads, harbors, air fields, play fields, and play courts.   Asphalt pavement mixes include dense- graded, stone matrix asphalt (SMA), and open-graded (open-graded friction course and porous asphalt).


Pavement Preservation

Photographs of pavement treatments used in Hawaii:  a) crack filling with a hot applied sealant; b) fog seal which is a light application of diluted slow-setting emulsion sprayed on an existing asphalt surface; c) seal coat which is an application of asphalt emulsion, often mixed with coarse angular sand, to an existing asphalt surface; and d) slurry seal which is an application of a mixture of aggregate, emulsified asphalt, fillers, additives and water.



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An interactive guide to everything about asphalt pavements and pavement treatments including local Hawai’i guidance, procedures and designs.
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