2018 Construction Career Day on Kauai

The first ever Construction Career Day (CCD) on Kauai was conducted on September 21 at the Kauai Community College campus. The event attracted hundreds of students from middle and high schools on the island.

HAPI participated as an exhibitor.  About 100 students visited our table manned by Jon Young and Lynn Young.  Students could help themselves to a HAPI pencil or HAPI sticker.  Many students put the sticker on their hard hats (see photos below).

HAPI developed three new products and activities at our table as follows:

A new 4-page brochure gives 3 reasons why the asphalt industry is an awesome career choice.  Click here for additional information about the brochure.

An interactive activity, using a laptop computer, lets students explore different career paths in our industry.  Student could explore careers as members of the paving crew or asphalt plant crew.  They could also learn about careers for engineers and administrators.  Click here for additional information about this activity.

The “Paving Train” activity was popular among the studnets. The activity shows the procedure and equipment needed to turn a road in disrepair into a newly paved smooth riding pavement. Students were given a photo of a piece of construction equipment. If a student correctly matches the photo of the equipment with the description of the equipment, they can enter to win a $25 gift card. Over 60 students made the correct match. The winner was a student from Kapaa High School.  Click here for additional information about this activity.

HAPI thanks the students and faculty that stopped by our table. We hope that they gained knowledge of the various careers in the asphalt industry and of the equipment used to construct an asphalt pavement.


Photos of the event

HAPI Table



Love that HAPI sticker on my hard hat

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