2017 Use of Geosynthetics for Asphalt Pavement Workshops

About 40 people attended the “Getting the Most Use Out of Geosynthetics in Your Asphalt Pavements” workshop conducted by HAPI member Tensar International Corporation, along with their local representative, HAPI member Geotech Solutions, Inc. The 3-hour workshop was conducted on June 21 on Oahu and June 22 on Kauai. The workshops were attended by a good mixture of government agencies, design consultants, and contractors.

Lars Nelson, Pacific Regional Manager, Tensar International Corporation, was the first speaker.   He discussed the benefits of Geosynthetics in pavement construction and design.   Lars explained how to design a cost effective construction platform on soft subgrades to keep the project moving. He also showed on the pavement section could be optimized by reducing the structural section.  All attendees participated in an activity using a triangle (similar to a pool ball rack) and 10 tennis balls to demonstrate the effectiveness of a single cell of Geogrid.  Click here to hear Lars describe the activity.

Nicholas Reck, Director of Technology, Tensar followed Lars with a presentation about asphalt pavements in general.  He started by saying “all your roads are designed to fail” and proceeded to explain why that is so.  The highlight of his presentation was learning about Ninja cracks (cracks are not always visible) and how amazing asphalt is as a construction material.  Click here to hear Nicholas explain it in his own words.

In addition to the presentations, everyone had a chance to win a $15 Starbucks gift card by correctly answering any one of the 7 HAPI pop quiz questions.  All attendees left the presentation with a souvenir engraved YETI mug.  One lucky person won a $50 gift card from a local store.

Who Attended?  Comments? Photos?  Click on the island for this information:  Oahu Kauai

If you missed this year’s workshop, it will be returning in September or October (new time) of next year to Oahu and Hawaii Island.

Oahu Workshop

Click Here for a list of the attendees – 26 people attended.

What did attendees remember most about the workshop?
– Lars was very entertaining and the tennis ball activity was fun and effective.
– The quizzes (tickets and Startbucks gift card prizes) kept us engaged.
– How, when, and where to use Tensar Triax Geogrids.
– The convenient card guides, material samples and product catalogs will useful in future repair projects that require geosynthetics.
– Geogrids can reduce amount of select fill needed for base. Interlayers can raise the point of failure so repairs require less material removal.
– How paving grids actually work. Have worked with them but was never informed how they came into the picture. I’m an inspector and all I see is specs.

Other comments from attendees:
– Lots of information, suggest an additional hour for presentation.
– Really appreciate the YETI cup. Breakfast was great, and service was very good. Seminar was very informative.
– I definitely would recommend my colleagues to attend future workshops.


Kauai Workshop:

Click Here for a list of the attendees – 14 people attended.

What did attendees remember most about the workshop?
– How stable subgrade become with a geogrid is used.
– Very informative & Great Interaction.
– The value of the products and the potential cost savings of materials, labor, resources, etc.
– I appreciate receiving the little cheat sheet cards to help determine aggregate thickness requirements.


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