2017 Best Practices for Asphalt Pavement Workshops

About 90 people learned about best practices for asphalt pavements from Jarrett Welch of HAPI member Quality Paving Consultants (QPC). Jarrett conducted two all-day sessions – April 12th on Oahu and April 13th on Maui. The workshops were attended by a good mixture of government agencies, design consultants, and contractors.

The workshops began with a discussion on quality and end with things to look for when trouble shooting asphalt pavement issues.  In between, the attendees heard an in depth discussion of paving operations and compaction, including a review of the required equipment.  Videos were used to show what goes on at an asphalt plant, how a paving machine gets loaded, and compaction of an asphalt pavement.

A new way of asking questions was introduced at the Maui workshop.  Understanding that some people may be hesitant to raise their hand and ask a question, attendees could instead text a question to Jarrett.  Several people took advantage of this option and it seemed to work well.  We will be continuing this practice at future HAPI workshops.  In addition to asking questions, attendees may also comment on the room conditions and other things that may be on their mind.  Going forward, text messages will be sent to the moderator of the workshop, instead of the presenters.

Who Attended?  Comments? Photos?  Click on the island for this information:  Oahu Maui

If you missed this year’s workshop, it will be returning in April of next year to Oahu and Kauai.  Based on comments from the attendees, we have some ideas for improvements.

Oahu Workshop

Click Here for a list of the attendees – 43 people attended.

Comments from attendees:
– The video of the plant was great!
– The quizzes and prices kept the presentation entertaining.
– The content of the class was great to give an overall overview of the paving operation.


Maui Workshop:

Click Here for a list of the attendees – 43 people attended.

Comments from attendees:
– This workshop was very informational and suggest that it be offered to everyone paving in Maui County Highways Division.
– (the presentation/workshop) Can’t be done any better.
– The presenter is very knowledgeable.


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