HAPI is developing four types of training programs:  brown bags, ad hoc workshops, a series of regularly scheduled seminars, and training for certification.

Brown Bags sessions will typically take place at your office or may be conducted at the HAPI office.  Each session is being structured for an hour and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You could also choose from a list of topics such as Asphalt Pavement Overview, Understanding a Job Mix Formula Submittal, and Preparing a LEED Point Submittal.

Ad hoc workshops are those set up to meet a specific need or to take advantage of a visitor to the islands.  Examples of these are the Asphalt Pavement Basics and The Life and Times of an Asphalt Pavement seminars presented earlier this year by Steve Muench, associate professor, University of Washington, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering  and more recently the WMA workshop by Matthew Corrigan of the FHWA.

HAPI also plans to develop a series of regularly scheduled one-half day seminars to be held at the HAPI office.  Each session would run from 9:00 a.m. to noon, followed by a questions and answer session at lunch.  Currently, a shortened version of Steve Muench’s Asphalt Pavement Basics seminar is being developed.

In collaboration with the DOT, HAPI is currently working on developing an asphalt technician certification program.  The goals is to have all technicians on the same page, which the DOT feels will result in improving  its “Dispute Resolution Process” and will allow for the utilization of the contractor’s test results for DOT’s Material Acceptance Program.   Also being pursued is a training program for those who observe asphalt pavement construction, and with slurry being used more frequently, HAPI is considering developing a training program for those who observe the placement of slurry seal.


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